It's 2003. But not the 2003 you remember. The bright shining dream of the world has been sold out in exchange for alleged security and global unity. The government of the United States has used its "big stick" in diplomacy for so long that they all but own the planet. Of course, they don't admit it. But its been patently obvious for years who controls the UN and why...

In this same world, beings with amazing powers began to appear in the late 1940s. Since then they've become a part of our everyday lives. But the UN exerts controls on those beings. If you have metahuman abilities, you must be sanctioned by the UN to use them. If not, you are...
Updated 4/24/9
UNSanctioned: The Dream Corrupted
By Paul Arden Lidberg
Cover Art By Christopher Shy

They were supposed to fight for justice...they didn't.
They were supposed to protect us from evil...they don't.
They were supposed to be heroes to look up to...they aren't.

Save The Dream!

Be A Hero!

The world is not what it could be. Players take the role of unsanctioned metahumans in a world dominated by the UN. Can they stand idly by while the Peacekeepers, led by the powerful Peacemaker, continue their campaign of oppression? Or will they stand up and be counted alongside the Unsanctioned Rebels, led by the Hero of the People, as they fight for truth, justice, and the right to detemine your own destiny? You must decide!


UNSanctioned (2nd printing)

Peacekeepers Illustrated
By Eric Metcalf, Michael Nunn, Paul Arden Lidberg, et al.
Cover Art By Kenneth Michael Peterson

A glimpse into the world of UNSanctioned! Peacekeepers Illustrated is the most popular magazine on Earth, with print runs more than 100 million. Included in its pages are deep, personal facts about many of the Peacekeepers, as well as informative articles that relate to them.
Also included in this product is "UNs Most Wanted", a look at some of the most notorious unsanctioned renegades currently not in custody.
And a Top Secret section on "Special Operations Group Rho."
And articles to enhance your game, including a section on how to run a Peacekeepers Campaign, followed by a Peacekeepers adventure (in 4 parts!).

Peacekeepers Illustrated

Copyright 2009 Paul Arden Lidberg.